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“Your horse’s health is our business.” That is our motto at Florida Equine Veterinary Services, and we take it seriously. FEVS veterinarians and technicians continually strive to stay on top of the latest developments in equine treatment protocols and techniques. Our veterinarians are members of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners. We chair committees for horse owner education and engage in research programs for next generation vaccines and sports medicine therapies. We have a network of the brightest and most respected individuals in the equine veterinary field, so if we do not have the answer, we will get it.

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I am a new horse owner and to be honest knoe nothing about them besides them being beautiful animals. Not only did Dr. Jones makes sure all of pebbles vaccinations were taken care of, she had an appointment cancel and gave me a personal lesson on all of the basics. Spent over an hour doing so for no additional charge. She is beyond compassionate and will most definitely be going back to see her. Highly recommended!!

Danielle Chapman

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Florida Equine Veterinary Services is the best equine clinic I know in the area. The vet and her assitant are incredibly knowledgable, personable, and reasonable. They have helped my horse heal from an injury that other vets couldn't. I couldn't say anything negative about them. They are expirenced and I would reccomend them to anyone who needs an Equine Veterinarian. I can always trust them to take good care of our horse and it's just a plus that they are so friendly too.

Emilie Alfonso


At FEVS, our goal is to provide a superior level of care and service for your equine.

Another combination of eastern and western medicine is also offered by FEVS which is chiropractic medicine. Adjustments of the horses vertebrae and pelvis are done with minimal amount of exertion. The joints and facets of the boney junction are able to be manipulated due to the angle they lie in as well as the minimal structures around them.


For a fast, definitive diagnosis of skeletal issues, FEVS uses digital radiography (DR) by Eklin, the gold standard of the DR industry. In as little as three seconds, we are able to clinically review an x-ray image on a high resolution monitor. The images can be manipulated for the best possible diagnosis, and allow for immediate treatment or quick surgical/podiatry consults.

Physical Therapy

Equine therapy involves the use of non-invasive therapeutic procedures and techniques similar to those used in human rehabilitation. Reduces pain, shortens healing time and promotes a stronger recovery. Uses massage, stretching and therapeutic equipment. With maintenance will prevent re-injury. Great for horses of all lifestyles, breeds and ages.


Erin Denney-Jones DVM

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones is the owner of Florida Equine Veterinary Services, Inc. in Clermont, Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia Veterinary Medical School.

Kim Chester
Physical Therapist

Kim Chester is an equine therapist on staff at Florida Equine Veterinary Services. She received her B.S. in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Therapy from Midway College in Midway, KY.


We have created a number of papers to help you with the care of your horse.

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